Boulder 2K16

It's a real thing that's gonna happen!


But within that real thing, there are all sorts of things

(subthings) (somethings?) that one could do there!



General Places to walk about

• Pearl Street (not quite the Pearl District but it is quintessential Boulder)

• The Hill (should at least see it, the most college town-y part of Boulder)

• Boulder Creek Path/ Farmer's Market/ Boulder Public Library

• Sanitas Trail (nice little hike to see an overlook of the City)

• Chautauqua Trail (literally the most iconic image of Boulder is from here)

• Eldorado/Marshall Mesa Trail (super pretty)

• Brainard Lake/ Lake Isabelle (in Rocky Mountain National Park, gorgeous hike)

• Downtown Louisville (very main street esque but it's nostalgic for me and close)

• Estes Park (people rly like Estes Park, it's a town right up against RMNP)

• Nederland (Another town, v cute)

• Canyon Road/Boulder falls trail




Things to Eat or Drink or Things that are literally grocery stores

Leaf (Maybe we should just eat every meal at leaf)

Illegal Pete's (If we're on Pearl Street and food calls)

The Mountain Sun (everyone ever in Boulder goes to the Mountain Sun)

Either Foolish Craigs or Walnut Cafe for actual Brunching choices 4 us

Turley's is a bit fancier but also optionable

Lucky's Cafe is also also an option though pretty limited menu for v

Native Foods (just kidding but actually it is there)

Lucky's Market is a grocery store

Alfalfas is another grocery store (but may be owned by WF? Idk)

There's such a big Whole Foods it's kinda a joke we have to go

Still literally anything and everything you look up and want to try




Things to Do

There's an Oxygen Bar if altitude's got you down

There's a tea factory owned by a cult that you can visit

There's a tea house that isn't owned by a cult that we can go drink tea at

One of my friends or my brother could take us actual Bouldering (never done it)

We can pet this dog pictured on the left right here he's really nice and likes pets




There's literally the entire city of Denver that we're going to go to and look at

I will do some research and ask people who live in Denver where to definitely walk about though I have ideas but I mean it's literally a very large city and has great cool parts to explore for sure I just never go for some reason idk

• South Broadway seems to be a consensus place to walk through tho

Watercourse Restaurant

Handy Diner