NYC 2017

"This time with bad fonts!"

Wow! We've done so many New Yorky things but there are so many more New Yorky things for us to look at and eat! Here's a small smattering of things one might do if they were inclined to do things-

Also this list includes old faves in case we want to revisit old faves (hopefully our fave is not problematic 4 once)


(have I made a trendy menu yet?)

Delice and Sarrasin

Orchard Grocer

Seasoned Vegan


Jamaican place across the street from Riverdel

Ladybird or one of those restaurants

Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles

Buddha Bodai Dim Sum

May Kaidee NYC (also they have thai vegan cooking classes!)

Toad Style

Saptagiri in Jersey City


Prospect Park


Chinatown / May Wah Veg market


Morning/ Evening Jog on the waterfront

Brighton Beach / Coney Island yo

Brooklyn Bazaar 

Free thing at the Moma

The Strand

New York Public Library (cuz libraries are great)